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How Water Removal is Performed in Palatine a Home

9/17/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Water Removal is Performed in Palatine a Home SERVPRO Removes Water and Moisture and Can Salvage Carpeting from Palatine Floors

SERVPRO Can Deploy Many Types of Pumps to Extract Water from Your Property

Home should be a safe place that your family can rely on to protect them from the elements. Sometimes, though, your Palatine home needs protection, instead. While you are away at work providing for your family, water pipes can burst and flood your home. As soon as you open the door to your home, you know you have an emergency on your hands.

When such an emergency affects your home in Palatine, only water removal by trained professionals can suffice. Our staff receives certificates from the IICRC in this field of home restoration, and in many other areas. We continually maintain our equipment, so it never fails us as we work to restore your home's condition.

After stopping the water at its source, we begin to use pump trucks to extract the majority of the water. If large volumes of water have not infiltrated the property, we can also simply deploy portable pumps and wet vacs. This is the beginning of the process involved in drying out your home. There are several aspects to restoring dryness in any home.

As soon as possible, we place blocks under furniture legs in carpeted areas to prevent any further staining from the finishes used in wooden furniture. After extraction of the bulk of the water, we can begin drying out upholstered furniture and other affected furnishings.

All-wooden furniture requires specialized drying procedures, also, to prevent warping. The same applies to wall paneling, wooden floors, many molds and trims, and wooden doors and cabinetry. Applying heat while extracting evaporated moisture makes drying faster and keeps damage from happening to your home and contents.

Rescuing carpeting is possible sometimes, but this is most likely when only clean water drenched it, and our efforts start very soon after the water event began. Many times, it is the padding that creates problems, as it retains moisture that continues to damage the carpet fibers and the underlay. At times, removal and disposal of the padding can permit us to dry the carpet and save it, followed by installation of new padding.

Keep SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows in mind for your next emergency involving water. We can get water removal efforts underway in very little time, saving your home and preventing any further damage from happening. No matter when your emergency occurs, you can call us at (847) 934-1700 to talk to an expert who can help you start the process of saving your home.

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How to Minimize Commercial Fire Damage in Palatine

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial How to Minimize Commercial Fire Damage in Palatine In case of a fire emergency, it is important to enforce a fire drill to minimize fire damage and keep everyone safe.

Preventing and preparing for commercial fire damage

Despite its reputation, most people still underestimate the power of fire. If you run a commercial business in Palatine, you should know that even a small fire can cause severe and permanent damage to your property. Worse still, the damage can go beyond just the items that get burnt. For instance, it can lead to water damage by, say, bursting pipes or boilers in the office. Fire damage can also cause an explosion, create holes in the roof (making the building more vulnerable to weather damage), or shatter windows through the resultant pressure.

In the event of a fire disaster, it is important to respond quickly to prevent extensive fire damage to your Palatine business. SERVPRO is a trusted company in the restoration industry, and we have highly trained technicians that can respond quickly to your emergency. Following IICRC guidelines, we can commence the restoration process and return your property to preloss condition sooner rather than later.

For safety purposes, it is imperative to appoint a safety officer and enforce some type of fire drill at the workplace. These measures can help minimize fire damage and save lives by ensuring that everyone is out of the building when a fire emergency occurs. Likewise, you can set up a proper procedure when it comes to lighting candles or using the gas cooker to prevent fire accidents.

Leaving the gas cooker on is a particularly common cause of gas explosions. The gas leaking from the cooker fills up the home, and all it takes to cause an explosion is a simple spark. Write down a procedure for using the office cooker, including the instructions to turn off the gas, and then follow it to the letter.

If available and used properly, a respirator can also reduce your exposure to smoke and fire damage. Respirators have been a vital part of the workplace for many years, with programs installed to ensure proper selection of masks for employers. If possible, make sure that everyone has a thorough understanding of how they work to avoid unintentional problems.

For immediate commercial fire damage restoration services in Palatine, you can count on SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows. We have the equipment, training, and experience to handle all restoration needs in Palatine, Staples Corner, and its environs. For assistance, call us today at (847) 934-1700.  

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Crawl Space Mold Damage in Rolling Meadows

8/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Crawl Space Mold Damage in Rolling Meadows Crawl spaces can harbor a great deal of mold in a typical house. If you do see mold in your crawl space, call SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Isolate the Source Before Tackling a Mold Infestation in Your Home

One problem of mold growth in your home is moisture in your crawl space. The issue with the construction of crawl spaces is there is more likely to be wood rot and mold problems than other kinds of construction. Both are kinds of fungal growth.
If you have mold growth and mold damage in Rolling Meadows on the wood in your crawl space, even if it is just in spots, you have issues. If the mold is white, it is usually surface mold. However, think about it as a sign that humidity levels are too high. White mold does not usually cause damage to wood, but if you see brown or black mold, that is rot fungus. Structural damage is happening which could require replacement of some of the wood. You need to take immediate action at this point.
Using the help of a mold remediation specialist, such as SERVPRO, is highly recommended. Our technicians have the training and experience to take care of your mold problem thoroughly and adequately. We even have moisture meters to find any mold or moisture that may be hidden.
We start by finding the source of the moisture and eliminating it. There is no point in cleaning up the mold and drying the space out if it is just going to keep accumulating after we have left. Whether it is a leak in your basement or siding, you have a broken pipe, your flood drains are backed up, or if you are living in an area with high humidity, we find the problem and fix it.
When moisture levels are high in your crawl space, fungi can grow and start eating the sugars and proteins in the wood. It starts to powder, splinter and comes apart in sheets. If it is caught early on, there won’t be much damage. However, if it goes too long, the consequences can be severe, which is why you should contact us right away when you find a problem.
SERVPRO of Palatine/Rolling Meadows is ready to fix your mold problem whenever you need. Customers in Rolling Meadows, Inverness, and Palatine can reach us easily by calling (847) 934-1700.

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Living Room Fire Damage And Smoke Damage Cleanup In Palatine Homes

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Living Room Fire Damage And Smoke Damage Cleanup In Palatine Homes Overloaded power sockets can start an electrical fire in the living room and cause considerable fire and smoke damage.

Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup

Electricity is one of the best conveniences of modern life. It allows us to recharge our phones, power the television/radio/microwave, and generate heat in our homes. However, overloaded power sockets can start an electrical fire in the living room and cause considerable fire and smoke damage.

When this occurs, it is important to have a restoration company within reach to reverse the damage. As an experienced fire damage restoration company, SERVPRO can arrive promptly to secure your Palatine property. Following IICRC recommendations, our technicians can treat the smoke damaged contents and restore your living room, “Like it never even happened.”

Soot is one of the most stubborn effects of fire damage and smoke damage. It is oily and easily stains draperies, carpets, and other living room textiles. As such, we have to remove it before we attempt to clean up or deodorize any item.

The cleaning process is designed to extract soils, soot, and debris from various surfaces. During this process, our technicians use four primary cleaning actions. These are chemical action, mechanical action, lubrication, and suspension & dispersion.

In most cases, SERVPRO experts have to neutralize smoke odor that comes with smoke and fire damage. This smell can stick to your clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies, and become a nuisance in the living room. We have various chemicals that can break up smoke molecules to get rid of these odors.

The choice of counteractant depends on the type of material that sustained smoke damage. Some situations may call for an ozone treatment in the deodorization process. If this is done in the house, we have to put the items under a tent while our experts operate an ozone generator (as a general rule of thumb).

If the fire damage extended to the walls, we have special cleanup procedures to restore them to their normal conditions. However, the exact approach depends on the nature of the wall: whether it is paneling or wood, painted, finished or unfinished, etc. The most effective cleaning method considers the type of surface, type of smoke, and whether the surface is dry cleanable or wet cleanable.

If your living room sustains fire damage, you need a reliable, responsible, and experienced restoration company to remediate your property. SERVPRO is a trusted, locally based restoration company that can reverse the fire damage on your living room items quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (847) 934-1700.

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Water and Moisture Removal from a Kitchen in Palatine

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water and Moisture Removal from a Kitchen in Palatine When a Mop and Bucket Won't Do, Call SERVPRO for Water Removal in Palatine

SERVPRO Protocols and Methodologies Result in Professional Water Removal and Cleanup

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes. Apart from storing, cooking, and preparing meals, it also serves as a location for doing related tasks such as dishwashing. However, what would happen if, say, a water pipe bursts within the wall behind a cabinet in the kitchen? Or, worse, a harrowing flood sweeps angrily through the house like a bag of wasps? The damage can be devastating and, in some cases, spread to other rooms in the house. Exactly how prepared are you for such a situation?
SERVPRO functions and offers services specifically for this purpose. We have high-tech equipment and highly trained professionals offering water removal services for kitchens in Palatine homes. With a drying goal in mind, and like an organized army of ants, our technicians set out to clean up and restore your house.
However, first things first: if pooling water is present, we extract the liquid from the building. Then we can to take moisture content readings from dry items – readings in percentage for wooden materials, and in points for non-wooden materials. The results serve as the dry standard for the wet items in the kitchen. Then we increase the rate of evaporation using drier air. Drier air equals to low humidity. Low humidity accelerates the drying process.
As meticulous as a sniper, a SERVPRO specialist uses a moisture reader to document the moisture content level periodically. Comparing these readings helps us to determine whether a material is drying. For upholstery and other kitchen furnishings, our technicians use extractors to remove water from the water damage. Most extractors come with three primary components: vacuum system, pump, and heater. We use all three of them when cleaning upholstery.
Keeping in mind that all items exposed to water damage require evaluation for cleaning needs, our technicians always work with a list. We check storage areas for contents that need cleaning and deodorization, as well as wall hangings and photographs in the kitchen. Once we complete the restoration process, we check everything to confirm the space is completely dry.
Water damage, whether minor or major, can be detrimental. Do not let it keep you from enjoying your kitchen. SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows is available to offer immediate water removal services for your property. Give us a call today at (847) 934-1700.

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The SERVPRO FOUR Step Mold Damage Remediation Process in Rolling Meadows

7/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The SERVPRO FOUR Step Mold Damage Remediation Process in Rolling Meadows When you see mold in your home, call SERVPRO immediately to prevent the mold from spreading. We will be on the job within hours of your call.

Trained Professionals Expertly Remediate Mold on Your Property to Prevent an Infestation or Recurrence

Mold spores are in every home. They are, for the most part, inert and harmless. It is only when the right mix of moisture, temperature, and an available food source combine that mold becomes a threat. Although mold does not appear to be the same threat as a fire or flood, it is responsible for millions each year in remediation costs.

The remediation process to clear mold damage from a Rolling Meadows home is an intensive one. SERVPRO has developed a set of steps that help us return each home to a clean state as soon as we can. There are four which we follow regardless of the amount of mold growth or how far it has spread.

Establish Containment – Our first action is always to prevent further contamination. We isolate the affected areas of the home using plastic sheeting as barriers and then seal off all HVAC vents to protect the duct system. Technicians then establish negative air pressure to reduce the number of mold spores in the air and set up ‘clean rooms’ where we keep the tools and protective gear used to clean and remove mold. Each action reduces the chance of an accidental contamination of unaffected areas of the home.

Remove Contamination – Next, we remove property that resists cleaning and the mold spores that cleaning lifts off surfaces in the contaminated area. Our initial action is to vacuum every surface with commercial grade machines that have HEPA filters installed. These filters are designed to catch mold spores, even one, smaller than a mustard seed. Vacuuming removes the majority of loose spores and then we can take out large property that has to be cleaned at our facility or requires disposal.

Clean Dust and Settled Spores – After vacuuming and removal, technicians wipe down all surfaces using wet and dry cloths. Once we complete cleaning, we allow time for spores in the air to settle and then repeat the procedure as needed.

Dry the Materials – Our final, major step is to dry the structural material and surfaces using air movers. These machines force warm, dry air across a surface without damaging it and our technicians place them, so the airflow is directed to the negative air machines to keep the mold content in the air as low as possible. To reinforce this procedure, we may also use small dehumidifiers that draw out moisture but do not have a fast airflow.

It takes time but returning your home to a normal state after a mold infestation is worth it. If you need our help or want to schedule an inspection, call SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows at (847) 934-1700 today.

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SERVPRO - Palatine Flood Damage

6/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO - Palatine Flood Damage Repairing and restoring the effects of flood damage in Palatine requires a professional service.

Don't Let Storm Damage Take Over Your Home

If the water rises high enough, flooding inside a home can quickly affect not just floors, but furniture as well. Standing water from a failing dishwasher or a backed-up toilet can rapidly soften varnish and other finishes, stain fabrics, and warp the wood on sofas, chairs, and tables.

Repairing and restoring the effects of flood damage in Palatine requires a professional service. SERVPRO understands the consequences that water has on your furniture and how to stop them without causing more damage. We immediately raise furniture off a wet surface or remove it from the affected home if needed. One of our inspectors examines everything for these problems:

Swelling – Water causes wood to swell and crack. Sofas are very vulnerable since the frame is not normally treated to resist water. The framing joints weaken, and the glue which holds it together breaks down. To reduce the moisture content, technicians set dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the frame and the surrounding air. Carefully lowering the moisture content also helps keep the glue together.

Water Spotting – Water often spots upholstery fabrics that require dry cleaning (sofa and chair skirts for example) or leave a water level mark. Our technicians can carefully wet the entire piece of fabric and then dry it to avoid permanent spotting.

Color Bleeding – Dust covers bleed when they absorb too much water and one that sags until it touches the floor or carpet can leave a stain. We set up dehumidifiers to draw out the moisture, but also use air movers to force warm, dry air over the surface to speed up the drying process.

Mildew Growth – If we do not remove standing water quickly, a thin, whitish coating of fungus can begin to grow on exposed wood. We use dehumidifiers and air movers to stop the growth and an anti-fungal cleaner to remove mildew already present.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Returning furniture to a usable state is not a simple process, but a professional restoration service can deal with most damage successfully. If you need us, SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows is here to help. Call today at (847) 934-1700 to get started.

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Receive Qualified Mold Remediation Services In Rolling Meadows

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Receive Qualified Mold Remediation Services In Rolling Meadows Our technicians check all of your windows and make recommendations about repairs, maintenance, and installations that help you avoid future problems.

When Mold Spreads in Your Home, SERVPRO Helps to Remove It

Mold damage can happen anywhere in your home. Any wall that has a plumbing or drain line, anywhere that you have a plumbing fixture or an appliance that requires a constant water source, such as your laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, or the closet where you keep your water heater.

Any wall in your Rolling Meadows home that has a window, door, or outdoor access is susceptible to mold damage. You could have a wall cooler that supplies a room with air conditioning during warmer months that drains improperly, causes condensation buildup around windows, or allows moisture to enter your walls that can give mold all it needs to spread.

If you suspect that there is mold growing in your home, anywhere, take the time to contact your insurance company and find a local mold remediation specialist you can trust, like SERVPRO. Avoid falling for self-help or DIY sites that instruct you on how to handle the problem yourself. It is far harder than you think, may lead to you cutting corners and end up with you calling for help when it comes back again.

As a variety of professional remediation companies do, SERVPRO offers to fully inspect your property to determine if their services are necessary. However, we like to perform a full-service inspection, leaving little to the imagination when we are done. We check for telltale signs of mold contamination, visibly inspect all common areas where mold often grows, including your basement, crawl spaces, utility rooms, or any small enclosed spaces found on your property.

SERVPRO technicians check all of your windows and make recommendations about repairs, maintenance, and installations that might help you avoid future problems from occurring. We check your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and more. Anywhere in your home that has experienced recent repairs, or maintains a constant water source. We even check your ventilation system registers, duct work, and filter for contamination.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows can perform full mold damage remediation services anywhere on your property. Using resources to locate airborne mold spores and borescopes to find mold hidden in your walls. Contact us today to receive the services you deserve. (847) 934-1700

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Your Solution to Fire Damage in Your Palatine Home

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Your Solution to Fire Damage in Your Palatine Home Don't let a fire disaster get worse by not taking care of it with SERVPRO right away. The longer you wait, the tougher things are to repair.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Fire Damage at Your Home from the Scorched Items to the Lingering Smell

Having a fire on your property can be devastating. However, you should consider that things may often appear more damaging than they are, especially when you have never had a problem like this happen in your home before.
When faced with fire damage in your Palatine home, you should seek professional restoration assistance before you completely give up. The right company can help you receive the services you deserve, returning your home to a quality condition that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.  
You may find that what appears to be severe damage, simply requires a keen eye and experienced hand to return to normal. Even though fire does significant damage, an expertly trained team of qualified technicians, like those offered at SERVPRO, can often produce the results you need to recover successfully.
During the progress of a fire, smoke and soot reach cracks and crevices throughout your home, damaging many surfaces in a variety of ways. Smoke particles damage higher surfaces, including your walls, ceilings and leave odors in your attic, basement, or ventilation system that were nowhere near the actual flames. Ash and soot wreak havoc on lower surfaces, staining furniture and leaving residues that work their way into a surface that requires special cleaning methods to remove.
The longer you wait to make the decision to contact someone, like SERVPRO, the harder it is to restore a variety of items found in your home. We have, however, had more than our share of success in recovering personal belongings that people considered lost. You should never give up before a professional restoration technician has an opportunity to inspect each item carefully, you may be surprised by the results you receive.
SERVPRO is available 24/7, 365, including holidays, making our services available when disaster strikes. Help is a single phone call away; we can give you the assistance you deserve during an emergency, and even help you prevent future events.
Contact SERVPRO of Palatine / Rolling Meadows today to learn more about our available services and get started with your recovery today. We are waiting for your call. (847) 934-1700

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Taking a Closer Look at Mold Damage in Rolling Meadows HVAC Systems

5/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Taking a Closer Look at Mold Damage in Rolling Meadows HVAC Systems Don't let a mold infestation linger one minute longer than necessary in your HVAC system. Call SERVPRO today for thorough remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Isolate the Cause of the Mold Before Beginning the Remediation Process

The health of your HVAC system is critical because it has a direct impact on the quality of the air that you breathe. Yet, what happens if the components get compromised and, instead of creating and distributing clean air, your system circulates mold?

It is a common problem because it only takes a small amount of moisture to generate spores and mold damage in Rolling Meadows HVAC systems. SERVPRO deals with hundreds of these cases every year, so we know how tricky it is to maintain them.

When called out to a mold remediation case, we always check the condition of the HVAC ducts. Even if the main bulk of the growth is on the walls or the floor, it is important to inspect the airways for spores.

Coils and Drain Pans

The cooling coils cause the temperature of water vapor to drop. It is why there is a draining pan and a deep seal trap in every HVAC unit. The pan catches the dripping water and directs it safely away. However, if it does not get cleaned on a regular basis, organic dirt and grime create a microbial habitat. It is one of the first components that the SERVPRO technicians check. If necessary, we empty and clean it with a fungistat.

Duct Walls

If the inside walls of the HVAC unit are wet, there is clearly an underlying problem with water damage. It is our job to identify it and carry out repairs so that there is no chance of the walls getting wet again after remediation. Once repaired, compact dehumidifiers are the best way to draw moisture out of the ducts and prevent microbial growth. If the fiberglass linings contain mold, removal and replacement is the only viable option.

Air Filters

When there is evidence of mold growth and circulation, SERVPRO always removes and cleans or entirely replaces the air filters. If they can be cleaned and put back, we use biocides and other powerful disinfecting agents to neutralize all spores. We recommend the installation of high-efficiency filters, as they are an affordable way to enhance IAQ and optimize energy consumption.

SERVPRO of Palatine/Rolling Meadows is a local mold remediation service. If you work with us, we guarantee fast, effective results every time. No matter where the mold growth is in your home, our technicians can find and neutralize it. Call us 24/7 at (847) 934-1700.